What is ABP Full Form – Ananda Bazar Patrika News


ABP News

Country  India
Broadcast area India and International
Headquarters Sector 60, Noida
Language(s) Hindi
Owner ABP Group
Sister channels ABP Ananda
ABP Asmita
ABP Majha
ABP Sanjha
ABP Ganga
ABP Live
ABP Nadu
Launched 18 February 1998; 23 years ago as STAR NEWS
Replaced STAR News
Former names STAR News (1998–2012)

Website www.abplive.com

ABP Full Form

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 What is ABP Full Form

the full form of ABP Ananda Bazar Patrika News . This is called Ananda bazar Patrika News . ABP is a very well known Hindi news channel in India. 

ABP Full Form
ABP Full Form


ABP was launched in 1998. It is known as a Private Limited News Channel. We hope that you have come to know about the full form of ABP, so let us now get more general information about it.

 It was established in 1998 free to air TV channel.before it was acquired by ABP Group Star News It was known as. ABP Live is an Indianowned by ABP Network. English news website 

ABP is a famous Hindi news channel. In this, you will get the information of the whole world, whether that information is related to cricket or politics or Bollywood or say anything in the whole world, you will get everything in it. Its main office is located in Noida.

It has one more special thing, it was earlier known as Star News because it was started by Star and NDTV. Then it broke its agreement with NDTV in early 2003 and then it became a complete Hindi language channel. 

ABP was providing news in both Hindi and English till 2003 but then it gradually increased.

ABP entered into a joint venture with Star Ananda Bazar Patrika Group in 2004 and started a company called Media Content and Communication Services Pvt. It then of running the Star News Channel company 

took responsibility. About 70% of this JV was owned by ABP Group and Reaming was owned by Star News Channel.

Following the split of ABP Group and Star in 2012, Media Content and Communications rebranded Star News as ABP News on 1 June 2012.

 In November 2016, Avinash Pandey became the COO of ABP News Network.

All ABP channels (including ABP News) were gradually revamped in the second half of 2020, beginning with the renaming of the parent subsidiary ABP News Network to ABP Network in July 2020.

After that it never looked back again. So in today’s time it is providing news in many languages and is known as a very big brand.

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