what is the ACP Full Form? Assistant Commissioner of Police.

Assistant Commissioner of Police

ACP Full Form, 

what is the full form of ACP?

 ACP Ka Poora Naam Kya Hai, what is ACP, what is the full name and meaning of ACP, you will get answers to all such questions in this post.

ACP Full Form What is ACP

The full form of ACP is Assistant Commissioner of Police. ACP is called Assistant Commissioner of Police. ACP is an important post in the Police Department which comes under both Central and State Level. ACP is considered one of the high ranks in the Indian Police Service. Friends, we hope that you must have come to know about the full form of ACP, so now let’s get more general information about it.

If seen, the rank of both ACP and DSP is common in the police department and their work is also common and both of them have 3 stars. The ACP is either a part of the State Police or it is part of the IPS. ACP belongs to a provincial police forces. ACP can be made either directly or can be promoted from Inspector to become ACP.

Assistant Commissioner Police (ACP) is also a member of the Provincial Forces, he can also be promoted for the post of IPS after limited service. ACP is also used in the service of administration for the post like Central Excise, Income Tax, Service Tax, Custom.

Qualification required to become ACP

To become an ACP, a candidate must have certain qualifications such as-

To become an ACP, the candidate must be an Indian citizen.

Candidate must be physically and mentally fit to become ACP.

To become an ACP, the candidate should have passed graduate from any stream.

Age Range

To become an ACP, the candidate’s age should be between 21 to 32 years. However, OBC candidates are given 3 years relaxation, and SC/ST candidates are given 5 years relaxation.

How to become ACP

There are two ways to become an ACP –

Step 1 – To become an ACP you can get a general promotion from the state police rank to gradually become an ACP officer after serving around 15-20 years in the police department.

Step 2 – Another way to become an ACP is to clear the exam conducted by UPSC and get a good rank in it to become ACP.

ACP Full Form
ACP Full Form

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